God's Overcomers
Christian Teaching: (Many of these you can watch online or listen to on the radio every week. Some specialize more in a solid understanding of God's Word, such as Dr. Stanley, while others focus more on the gifts of the Spirit and moving in God's supernatural realm, such as Sid Roth, Vineyard, and Zion. Zion focuses in specifically on learning the gifts of healing to pray for others and see them healed!)

Dr. Friday's Radio Interviews

Christian Dr. Ben Carson Schools the Current Leader of the US,
President Barack Hussein Obama, at the National Prayer Breakfast:


Billy Graham Classics


Andrew Wommack Ministries

Andrew Wommack Ministries- Audio Teachings


Art Katz- Fire School

1-24-2002 Sermon

Fire on the Altar- More Sermons from Art Katz


Beth Messiah Congregation- Messianic Congregation- Columbus, Ohio


Bethel Church- Redding CA


The Brooklyn Tabernacle- Brooklyn NY


Dr. Charles Stanley- In Touch Ministries


Hillsong Church, Australia


The John Ankerberg Show


Kansas City IHOP- Mike Bickle

Mike Bickle Sermons:

The Apostle John: His Threefold Spiritual Identity (Jn. 21:20)
Date:June 21, 2012


The Transforming Power of Fatherhood

Date:June 17, 2012


Honoring Marriage and Our Commitments

Date:June 03, 2012


We Are a New Creation in Christ

Date:June 15, 2012


Overcoming the Spirit of Immorality (Mt. 5:27-30)
Date:May 27, 2012


The Incredible Worth of a Woman (Prov. 31)
Date:May 14, 2006


A Virtuous Woman
Date:November 26, 1985



The Navigators


New Life Church


Radiant Life Church- Dublin, Ohio


Sid Roth's- It's Supernatural!


Zion Christian Fellowship, Powell, Ohio



Nehemia Gordon- Westview 02--12-2010


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