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Mercy Me- I can Only Imagine

I received this vision (which I am about to revise slightly) in April of this year. I was amazed when the parallels to this series of 8 messages came to my attention when I was researching the origins of IHOP in Kansas City:

Mike Bickle's 8 Messages

The vision in these 8 messages is truly amazing and I believe that this is GOD's blueprint for the future.

We seek to cooperate with JESUS the BRIDEGROOM (who wants to have an intimate personal relationship with everyone and anyone who responds to HIM no matter their background), the TRANSFORMING KING (who is coming to take over the reigns of power in the world), and the JUDGE (who will remove all of the things that hinder, limit, and resist HIS LOVE).

I really believe that the vision that I received includes:
1) a 24/7 place of worship and prayer dedicated to praising and worshiping the LORD and HIS KINGDOM BUSINESS that is led primarily by young people filled with the HOLY SPIRIT (coming from anywhere in the world--primarily coming from central Ohio at first, especially from the college campuses with input from all of the campus ministries) and people transplanted from all around the world to the USA (again primarily by people in central Ohio and around Ohio) where intercessory prayer is taking place all the time and this intercessory prayer dedication will spread to many other churches which will assist in the LORD's desire for the BODY OF CHRIST to become a loving instrument to draw the people of Israel all around the world back to the LORD their GOD,
2) a healing ministry which will take place in individuals, couples, families, groups in a variety of formats (including the model of the Healing Rooms ministry) culminating in healing services that will take place nightly at 7pm,
3) a young peoples ministry and family ministry that will help young people transition spiritually and socially from adolescence into adulthood that will help boys become GODLY men and girls become GODLY women who can form the Gideon's Army movement that the LORD is raising up that will include (among other things) dances, concerts, camps, conventions, and other fun activities for these young people,
4) a school ministry that helps students who are unable to get their education through the public school due to special needs and special gifts founded on the gospel using the educational breakthroughs which are generally not being used in very many school that will really prepare students for the 21st century and promoting artistic talents of the students to tell the stories of how GOD is turning people in crisis into Overcomers, and
5) a community ministry that will minister to the needs of the broken people of the near east side community (linking with other ministries around Columbus and Ohio who are serving the poor) through food, clothing, shelter, education, and healthcare.

This vision is a lot of things which will come about step by step according to GOD's ordered plan as led by prayer and fasting. I am waiting to see who HE will bring together to accomplish HIS purposes. I have experience with each of these ministries over the past 28 years but I am not a pastor--I am a psychologist.

I was raised in the church (what I call old school religion in the Episcopal Church of the 1960's--I left there in 1968), was born again in 1976, and was spirit filled beginning in 1983. I have been a member of New Life Church in Gahanna for the past 16 years. I know that I still have a long way to grow, but now at age 60 I believe that GOD has called me to partner with others for this work. Several pastors have indicated a interest in partnering but we need to get together to clarify how GOD wants us to proceed--I am not sure when this meeting is going to take place and what the format will be. I think that GOD is assembling the team.

What has GOD commissioned you to do? Do we have common ground?

John Waller- Faith

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