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My name is Dr. Bill Friday. I am a psychologist who is a Christian. I would like to briefly share my testimony and why I thought that this website could be of service to you the reader and, more importantly, of service to the Almighty LORD GOD. Chris Camera is the web designer and in some places we both share our favorites in areas such as favorite worship music songs.

I was a church attender as a boy and teenager but questioned the validity of the teachings that I learned about GOD, JESUS, and the HOLY SPIRIT because some of the people that I saw at church did not really live according to the teachings of JESUS and because I did not really hear so much about the teachings of JESUS and the Bible but I heard about what the church wanted me to know: 1) it is good to go to church, 2) it is good to believe the right things, and 3)it is good to try to be a good person so that you can go to heaven. This was not really JESUS message as a I learned later. I decided to try to follow my own plan after that: go to college, enjoy life as much as possible, and figure the rest out later.

I became a follower of JESUS in 1975, after I found: 1) that I was a sinner because I have made mistakes and done the wrong thing at times in my life (often connected with trying to enjoy life as much as possible), 2) that JESUS literally died as a sacrifice and covering for my sins as planned by GOD before the world began, and 3) that I could find a New Life by making him my LORD and Master.

I also decided to learn everything I could about the one Jesus called OUR HEAVENLY FATHER, as well as the life of JESUS (including his life, return to life after being nailed to the cross, and promised return to earth after he rose into the sky as described in Acts Chapter 1 in the Bible), and the HOLY SPIRIT. This will be a life-long project. But, I believe that God used about 40 different authors to write a 66 chapter life instruction and faith building manual: Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth—the Bible (I am not sure who first made that word-letter connection). Also, Jesus (and many other people in the Bible) showed me that we can talk directly to GOD through prayer—not only for ourselves, but also (and most importantly) for others.

I have tried to worship GOD in a variety of ways (through participation in worship services, serving people in a variety of ways, praying/talking with GOD on my own and in the company of others, giving of my time talent, and treasure to local, national , and international ministries), studied the Bible, and have tried to grow in my relationship with the FATHER, SON, and HOLY SPIRIT. I have been trying to put GOD first in my life, loving HIM first, best, and most, and loving others as JESUS taught.

I am saying this not to boast, but so that you may know my heart and intention. GOD will judge me with JESUS as my advocate. GOD commands us to be humble before him, and to walk by faith. To live by what we cannot see--serving a FATHER whom only a few people have seen, guarding and battling against unseen evil forces according to HIS direction. That is the goal.

Around 1978, after having a number of jobs that involved serving people in a variety of ways, I felt that my life work would be to try to help others through the mental health profession. I entered graduate school at the Ohio State University and after 9 years of study and work in a variety of clinical settings in 1987 earned a Ph.D. in Clinical Counseling. I majored in neuropsychology, psychological testing, psychotherapy, developmental psychology, and multicultural psychology.

My wife and I met in 1984 and later that year she became a great blessing to me as we began our life together. Eventually we had the privilege of bringing three children in to the world—children are a very valuable and precious opportunity to learn, grow, and mature for both parents as we raise the children and they raise us—as the poet William Wordsworth puts it, “Child is Father to the Man.”

In 1988 I earned a license to practice psychology in the state of Ohio. That was just the beginning of my other main course of study after learning about GOD’s plan: learning about wellness and the healing process--especially how the brain and body, mind, and spirit work together to promote healing, health, and wellness. The capacity of people to endure and/or overcome hardship and to heal from mind boggling trauma was very impressive and mysterious.

By 1996 I joined a prayer group that was just forming in my church. I began to see that the complex and challenging world that I live in could be made to be much more understandable and manageable as I learned to bring everything to GOD in prayer. The support of that small group of men lifting each other and our prayer requests, family challenges, career opportunities, projects, problems, and just about every aspect of our lives for GOD’s help, guidance, direction, and protection has been a tremendous blessing over the past 13 years.

In 2004 I had a major professional challenge which showed me that no matter how hard I tried to live the right life that there would still be major challenges and battles that could destroy my life. I was following GOD’s plan as best I could understand, was depending on GOD’s help, was taking time out weekly to worship our WONDERFUL HEAVENLY FATHER in a pretty healthy group in the body of CHRIST, was studying the WORD almost daily, was receiving prayer support daily of a great wife and weekly with a group of strong men who also tried to follow GOD’s plan.

But, there would still be times of trial and difficulty. I discovered that I needed even more prayer than I thought and that GOD was ready to meet my need and to provide for me a way to get through that trial. I also found that I needed to depend on HIM even more than I had … that HE would provide even more of the answers to the questions that I was asking. I also sensed that HE was directing me to establish a website to help tell people all over the world to see the millions of miracles that HE does every day—because HE loves us!

The term GOD’s Overcomers comes from the title of the book by Watchman Nee a Chinese evangelist and theologian who discovered that with GOD we can deal with any problem, no matter how big, complex, or overwhelming. From 2004 to 2009, I had prayed for GOD’s plan and HIS timing to get the website on line and finally met Dan Stupakewicz of "Design Fold" in Columbus, Ohio who had the expertise, the time, and the interest to help me get to this point. This project belongs to GOD and I will continue to do my best to serve HIM in this and in every other project. I will be writing a blog posting at GOD’s Overcomers to tell how HE is working in my life to overcome every situation.

I hope that you will receive a blessing as you read these stories and that you will also be interesting in contributing your story.

When this website first became operational, a skeptic questioned whether I was a real doctor or "if I just played one on television." To that end, I have provided the following information:

William W. Friday, Ph.D, FACFE, DAAETS
Fellow, American College of Forensic Examiners
Diplomate, American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress
5340 E. Main St., Suite 205
Columbus, OH 43213
Office: (614) 501-8220
Fax: (614) 501-8230

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